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The Offshore project began with an ideal in mind- every building has a soul and character. Thus, we passionately guard this vision to ensure that our every plan and design strives to inspire, change, and improve the lifes of individuals who circulate, work, or enjoy within the confines of our construct. 


With this end in mind, we pried into our imaginations on how we can merge a historically conserved unit with 2 newly erects, to bring about life and light into the depths of a narrow architectural typology and create something unique in Singapore- not a mall yet not a shophouse.


The outcome is a collection of many firsts- the first greenwall in a commercial shophouse, the first merging of the New with the Old- with the integration of floor-plates, and the first Retail and F&B hub in Singapore filled with entreprenuers who are onto their first or second outlet.


Today, The Offshore is a bastion of chic, visionary retail start-ups in Singapore. We are proud to have curated a strong international mix of tenants vis-a-vis their novel concepts under one cosy roof, each representing a different culture and locality, and almost every continent of the world.  Today, when you walk into The Offshore, it feels un-Singapore. It feels a little like being in New York, a little of HongKong and a tad of Tokyo. 


It is afterall a melting pot of vision and ideas, an extension of what the modern being needs- a life of vigor, courage, creativity and soul. 

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